Young Living June Promo's are Just the Ticket!

Young Living June Promo's are Just the Ticket!

On vacation to Oregon ski country this past January, I developed a couple of annoying dry, scaly, itchy red patches of skin on my legs. They were in the exact same spots on both legs. Each leg had a small spot on the outer leg just above the ankle and a larger spot at the same place on the interior. (Weird, I know).  

At first I thought it was where my wool socks or slacks had rubbed. Then I attributed it to the extreme cold weather my body was not used to (FL girl born & raised!). The stress of packing and getting everything in order prior to the trip plus the ordeal of security at the airport probably didn't help either.

I applied extra moisturizers and I tried all the Young Living Essential oils in my travel stash.  I got temporary relief from the itch; but, the patches didn't go away  I figured once I got back home  away from the cold and into my normal routine they would go away.

Instead, the red patches got so ugly and offensive that I had to apply concealer when I had to expose my legs in public. I was to the point were I was going to make an appointment with the Doctor because they were growing in size. (Anyone who know me, knows that is my absolute last resort!)

One lazy Sunday morning in April, I watched a Melissa Poepping  video doing her beauty school routine.  After watching  I ordered Patchouli to add to my beauty routine.  While waiting for my order to come in I researched more on Patchouli  and found it  supports the skin and the nervous system. Forget the Beauty routine, I'm applying it to those patches! I saw and felt a difference right away. The results weren't overnight, but with consistent use, those patches are almost non-existent.

All of that brings me to why I am so excited about the June Young Living Promo's! We all know summer is a time for travel. School's out and we get extra family time, most of it's good, but sometimes nerves are on edge and tempers flare.  It's also exhausting!

Young Living has created the perfect Promo - whether your destination is a Vacation or a Stay-cation, we've got just the ticket!
June promo image
*Spearmint to hydrate us and aid in digestion
*Patchouli to help hydrate our skin and remain calm
Cypress keeps us grounded
AromaEase helps us to unwind
NingXia Nitro helps us to be alert and cognitively fit
En-R-Gee is uplifting
and best of all, they can be yours as part of the June Promo when placing a qualifying order.  *Note only Members enrolled in the Essential Rewards Program are eligible for the free Spearmint and Patchouli. 

Questions about these products or promotions, not yet a member or enrolled in essential rewards? Team Transformations is here to help!